Presenting the most innovative energy efficient lighting, these LED lights are not your off the shelf light bulb. With our specially engineered pure wafer and microchip design you get the maximum light from minimum amount of power. They run cooler than a standard light and use upto 80% of less power.

R & D Creating Energy Efficient Lights

The extensive research and development that goes into each and every product we design and manufacture gives the REA L-ED. The REA L-ED downlight is not only the smartest light ever created, it is also the most energy efficient. Featuring mobile location memory which can be activated to automatically turn off your lights once you get a certain distance from home. The commercial F and H series feature advance light sensors that control the output brightness of the lights to mantain a regulated work environment. This eliminates any wasted energy powering lights that are not required. Do it once and do it right.


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